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                Sugama – The Public Works Software                

                                    In all sphere of development, the construction activity play a predominant role. This is true for Government development plans as well. Irrespective of sector of development, the construction activity consumes about 60 to 65 percent of spending. Any attempt to ease the efforts for accomplishing the construction goals will result improving the efficiency and productivity of the system under which the implementation has been entrusted. ‘Sugama‘Software is a bold attempt by the Information Kerala Mission for incorporating all activities connected with execution of Public Works. It deals with, preparation of estimates, rates and schedule, checking the estimate, issuing technical sanction, arrangement of work under any mode as required, scrutiny of tender, selection of executing agency, execution of agreement, measurement of works executed, bill preparation and payment. Eventhough the Sugama Software is basically inherent to deal with all public works of Government, the present form pays attention to works connected with the implementation of plan and non plan public works of Local Self governments. Consequently Sugama has been integrated with Sulekha Software in connection with formulation and approval of Projects and Sankhya Software in connection with payment of bills. Sugama will deliver at your finger tip, the employment generated, materials consumed, works expenditure, and all sort of statistics about the works. Sugama will also ensure the transparent way of execution of public works.